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Are Society Shops and Commercial Shops in Noida Different?

Commercial Shops

People nowadays prefer to start a business instead of doing a 9 to 5 job, and one must start a business with a space or location. That is why investing in society or commercial shops in Noida becomes essential. Even if you do not want to start a business and are just looking for some real estate investment, these are also great options.

But the main question arises where to invest? Whether you invest in society shops or commercial shops? Are they the same? The answer to this question is yes! They are different! Society and commercial shops In Noida differ in purpose, rules and regulations, location, and more! Let’s get into detail.

What are society shops?

Society shops are located within residential complexes or gated communities and cater to the daily needs of the residents. When you find society shops for sale in Noida, it may include vegetable vendors, medical shops, grocery shops, salons, and other stores for the convenience of residents.

These shops are usually small compared to commercial shops and managed by the residents of the society.


What are commercial shops?

Commercial shops are the one that is located in commercial areas and caters to a large base of customers. These types include retail stores, cafes, restaurants, and many other businesses open to the general public. 

Usually, these commercial shops are larger, and it does require high investment when it comes to staff, marketing, and rent. Business owners or professionals responsible for daily operations and also managing the shops. 


What is the difference between society and commercial shops in Noida?

If you have decided to invest in either society or commercial shops, then it becomes essential to consider a few things first and know the difference-

  • Location 

One of the main differences between social and commercial shops in Noida is location. The location of society shops is in the society of residential housing, and the residents of the society manage it. However, commercial shops are the ones that you will find in the commercial market.

So, this makes it easy to find the difference between the two. It will make things easy for you, and you can make a better decision.  

  • Rules and Regulation

Society shops in Noida are subjected to the rules & regulations of the society residents or the authorities responsible for leasing the shops to the vendors. The management of society will be responsible for renting the shops to the vendors and ensuring they comply with the rules and regulations of society. 

But commercial shops in Noida are subjected to follow the rules and regulations of the local authority, which will be responsible for managing the commercial areas. They obtain the license and get permission from local authorities.

  • Maintenance Cost 

Society shops are cheaper compared to commercial shops in Noida. The reason behind that is commercial shops are in the commercial market, and it can also be in the mall where everything is quite expensive. That is why one needs to keep all those things in mind, which might cause high rates.


Society and Commercial shops in Noida differ, even based on their targeted customers. There can be many more differences between the two, but no matter your investment, you must ensure you are taking time and researching everything. 

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