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The Next Destination for Business, Leisure & Recreation

Unique Features You Need to Know About Orion One32

Unique Features You Need to Know About Orion One32

Noida, also known as the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is well-known for being a significant centre of business. And industry activity as well as the location of pricey housing projects. It is a satellite city of Delhi NCR and a completely planned city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Orion One32 is a specialised commercial destination featuring first-rate retail and office spaces. And it is situated in Sector 132 of Noida amid residential and business clusters. To discerning investors, it provides a variety of sought-after Ready-To-Move Shops in Noida.

What differentiates Orion One32 from others?

Orion One32 exudes a different vibe from the generic commercial centres that are springing up all around Noida and the Delhi NCR. It has been designed with a global perspective, i.e., it aims to be the home for multinational businesses right here in India and offer Indian investors a global platform.

How did Orion One32 put India on the World Map?

Orion One32 in Noida has introduced Freeport Retail, a London-based investor and outlet centre management company, to India for the first time ever. Quite a few of the Orion One32’s retail spaces have been pre-leased to Freeport. As a result, Orion One32 has promoted India internationally. Orion One32 is now the first ever international commercial space for sale in Noida thanks to the entry of Freeport.

Freeport Retail’s advantages to Orion One32

One of the top investors, asset managers, and operators of outlet malls in Europe, Freeport is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Freeport offers its significant experience in creating, running, and controlling more than 20 centres throughout the globe to other outlet business investors and developers.

Renowned international brands are present at Orion One32

At Orion One32, there are roughly 250 prestigious international brands in addition to Freeport Retail. Global brand presence will undoubtedly attract wealthy aristocracy with enormous purchasing power. This would help Orion One32 establish itself as a promising retail location in Noida.

29-years assured lease

The guaranteed lease term of 29 years that Orion One32 Noida gives investors is the largest advantage of investing there. No other office or retail location in Noida provides long-term excellent returns that are guaranteed. Orion One32 investors may receive monthly rent at a rate of roughly 12% of their investment.

Office and retail space in Noida that adheres to Vaastu

Orion One32 Noida is a fully Vastu-compliant commercial building that is available for sale in Noida. It is designed to increase investors’ wealth, prosperity, and peace. A genuinely top-notch commercial centre, the ground-floor retail areas face the lake and have European architecture to complete the whole look and feel.

What additional benefits does Orion One32 offer?

Orion One32 stands out among commercial space for sale in Noida thanks to its fully paid-up land, bank loan, prime position en route to the new Noida international airport, double-height lobby, and 8-foot-wide corridors, among other unique characteristics.


Orion One32 has developed into a sought-after, lucrative, and consistently rewarding Commercial Shop on Noida Expressway thanks to 29 years of guaranteed retail shop leasing. And the arrival of Freeport Retail London, which chose Orion One32 as its flagship centre in India. Investors in this area can rely on steady returns for many generations.

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