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Should You Buy Society Shops or Retail/Mall Shops in Noida?

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Whenever a person thinks of investing in a shop for a business, the first thing that comes to mind is whether they should invest in Society shops, malls, or retail shops. It is an exciting and debatable point. Investors always look for shops for sale on Noida expressway to buy or invest in commercial properties such as offices, retail shops, food court shops, studios, or business suites because investment gives a better return. 

Shops are always better than homes because homes offer shelter, but a shop provides food and shelter. People get confused between society shops and mall shops, and if you consider the current situation, society shops are much better because of several different options.     

Why choose society shops over retail/mail shops?

  • Easy to rent 

Compared to Retail or Mall shops, society shops are so easy to rent! The reason is society shops are inside the society premises, and people in the society may need daily products which they can get from these shops. It is impossible for a person to get ready and go to the mall every day to shop.

It is the best advantage for the shop owner as they can benefit more from the business. If you want, you can even rent it out to any other, which is so easy.  

  • Less maintenance cost

Maintenance is one of the crucial factors and maintenance of society shops. It is because the mall is not just for buying or shopping but also for food, entertainment, parties, get together, and so much more. 

But in society shops, you need something to go through and buy the selling products, which is why maintenance cost is always cheaper and lower compared to retail or mall shops.

  • Better return on investment 

If you ever see society shops for sale in Noida, that can be a great opportunity. There will be so many shops in the mall, and people are not guaranteed to come to you when they need something. However, in society shops, there will be only one shop which is yours, that will increase the sale and also ROI.  


  1. Depend on demand and supply.

If you research and analyze properly, you may realize that mall shops need to run better, as most malls are closed because people are not going there. In Noida, there are over 100 malls; only a few are working, and some are doing great.

But when you find a shop for sale on the Noida expressway, you will not have to worry because no matter where your shop is, people will always be there in society, which will be good for your ROI.  



These society shops are much better. You may have got an idea about why! At Orion One32, you can find the best shops on Noida expressway at high profits, which will be an excellent investment!

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