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The Next Destination for Business, Leisure & Recreation

What are the Key Benefits of Investing in Orion One32 in Noida?

What are the Key Benefits of Investing in Orion One32 in Noida

Orion one32, a division of Wellgrow Infotech, is a potential centre for commercial real estate. It provides actual value for office and Retail Shops on Noida Expressway investors in a more reliable method because it is scattered throughout a massive 10 acres of land. Commercial projects that were designed with the intention of meeting present-day consumer needs as well as those of modern offices will eventually see higher occupancy rates and greater capital gains.

Why investing in commercial real estate is wise?

 Investing in commercial real estate is a tried-and-true way to create and keep a sustainable income flow. It is an asset that increases in value quickly and provides a strong source of income indefinitely. Even on a very small scale, investing in Commercial Shop on Noida Expressway can be profitable for the investor. Due to the longer lease terms, it enables them to develop a consistent as well as a definite stream of income.

Illustration of a commercial property in Noida for sale

The planned city infrastructure is what immediately comes to mind when you hear the name Noida. Since the last ten years, Noida has been the booming commercial hub of northern India and is currently regarded as the ideal place to launch a semiconductor company. To entice major tech companies, the state of Uttar Pradesh is providing tax advantages and other benefits. Many of them have already relocated to Noida in order to take advantage of these benefits. With the ideal blend of business, education, workforce, housing, hospitals, and sophisticated office buildings, Noida offers an unrivalled environment of wealth. From every viewpoint, Noida’s growth prospects appear to be more promising.

What makes Orion One32 a world-class commercial property in Noida?

One of a kind among business complexes is Orion One32. The complex has a pleasing aesthetic because of its European architecture. In order to achieve cheaper maintenance costs, the complex is constructed for greater energy efficiency and little water waste. Even though it boasts modern amenities and technologies, it yet emits a vintage vibe that improves every encounter. In addition to being well-known as an IT-ITES business complex, it also makes for a great place to unwind.

There are 2 towers, around 200 shops, 8-foot wide office corridors, and 29-year lease provisions for retail outlets. Freeport Retail London will soon move into Orion One32. Orion One32 has been selected by the industry pioneer in retail outlet management as its first and flagship location in India. It is a world-class retail property to invest in Noida since it is close to the next film city, the largest clothing park, and the Noida Airport, which is the largest in Asia.

Reasons to select Orion One 32

Premium offices, retail stores, and IT spaces are all in one complex. Sector 132 of Noida, which is the city’s fastest-growing CBD (central business district), is home to Orion One32, which is planned for the iconic position of the Noida Expressway. Freeport London has a pre-lease on the retail spaces for 29 years. One of the few office buildings in Noida with a double-height lobby and 8-foot-wide hallways is this one. Imagine a facility that is both people- and business-oriented.


Orion One32 is a prominent building among the expensive Society Shops for Sale on Noida Expressway. In addition to providing a meaningful return on investment, it also guarantees investment stability, unrivalled growth, and a better tomorrow.

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